Thursday, March 10, 2011

"He has never worked, never seems to have done anything to help anybody else"

‘He looks perfectly able-bodied to me,’ Judge Walford observed, asking his barrister: ‘This defendant is the embodiment of the welfare dependency culture, would you not agree?’

The judge continued: ‘Alcoholism is normally a euphemism for someone who doesn’t want to give up drink, but he actually has done so. It seems to me his incapacity benefit no longer should be available to him.

Finally, a non-activist Judge. The only other type of judge required is the hanging type.

A jobless former alcoholic was told to stop ‘sponging off others’ by an incredulous judge who heard he had been ruled too sick to complete his community service.

Stanley Clifton, who has never done a day’s paid work in his life, was branded ‘the embodiment of the welfare dependency culture’ by Judge John Walford.

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