Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting the message yet???

  • squeeze on public spending will mean service cuts
  • ''nice-to-have'' but not essential would be axed
  • Government intended to continue the tight grip on public finances
  • looked to repay mounting debt
  • public spending restraint is no temporary aberration. It is effectively permanent
  • cash will have to be found from cuts in other areas
  • Something has to give, and that has to be lower-value activities the Government is currently funding
  • This is not a time we can afford to indulge in a whole lot of nice-to-haves

Got the message?

Overdue by two years, but about bloody time. Welcome to the real world of living within your means.

For all those leftards who want to continue borrowing. Your illustrious leaders wrecked the economy over the past decade, now we all pay for your profligate decisions.


robertguyton said...

Shall we start by reversing those tax-cuts that were gifted to people who already had enough money not to need more?
Shall we PM?

PM of NZ said...

No we shall not, RG.

What part of rampant overspend do you not understand RG? From your comment I suspect that you wish to continue the overspend on matters of questionable value unabated, no doubt fully funded by taxpayers other yourself.

mawm said...

Unfortunately with the current government it just means doing the same stuff ........ but only more efficiently.

When will they understand that it is not only about trimming bureaucratic staffing numbers but rather closing down whole departments and Ministries; not about tackling middle-class welfare but effectively cutting the degree of welfarism so rampant in this country; and about stopping things such as the Treaty gravy-train.

robertguyton said...

You read your own insecurities into my comment PM which had just one point - reverse the tax cuts given by Key, primarily to those who can afford to forgo them. Give it back!!

Why not?

KG said...

"Why not"?
Because the real problem is that outlined by Mawm, not just a few people who didn't need the tax cuts. They're a drop in the ocean of government debt and waste.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree whole-heartedly with mawm.

The problem is still that a whole generation of people don't have a useful skill beyond being bureaucrats or troughers.