Thursday, March 24, 2011

ChCh: This is how you do a rebuild! [update]

Japan: March 11th

Japan: 10 days later, with tens of thousands dead and missing, under threat of being radiated. Japan just got on and did the job, no moans, complaints or looting. Same goes for burying the dead.

But here in New Zealand, a different story. 5 weeks later Christchurch still is cordoned off, under the thrall of power crazed politicians and civil defence dictators, paralysed by local government petty bureaucracy, holding talkfest after talkfest, still wallowing in self-pity. A cock-up of the highest order from day one.

Stop the talking, stop scoring political points, stop fluffing around, get on and do something useful for the businesses and inhabitants.

Earlier I also noted about Japan day 2 or 3 I saw pix of temporary housing being laid out and built in the depths of winter. Here in NZ we have done nothing about temporary buildings 1 month later, weather has been summer perfect.

Granny picks up on the story a day later and is somewhat more mild mannered about paralysed Christchurch.

The feat of engineering and efficiency could be an inspiration for Cantabrians whose lives are still disrupted by their February 22 quake.

Large parts of the city centre are still cordoned off and residents and business-owners are forbidden to enter.

Also, they report it was only a week for the repair, not 10 days. Meanwhile...


KG said...

Spot-on! Christchurch was always going to be a feast for the clipboard dwarves, from day 1.

mawm said...

...and the hand-wringing, too-precious society we have become. It's time to harden up and accept what has happened ......and move forwards.

Redbaiter said...

Great post. Well done.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, numerous roads were repaired around Christchurch in the first week after the earthquake.