Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Christchurch: Time capsules found

the mayor was so excited when it was handed to him it was "like he'd won the lottery"

Mayor wets himself over a piece of smelly paper. 1867 you say? A ray of hope in these tragic days.
Irishman John Robert Godley is known as the "Founder of Canterbury" even though he lived there for only two-and-a-half years. He travelled in Ireland and North America and developed ideas about how colonies should be established and governed.

Maybe there's an unadulterated copy, with explanations, of our founding document. You know, the 170 year old one that has been of late fashionably misinterpreted by ruling socialists from being about colonisation as British subjects to one of supposed partnership.

One can only hope, but like the Littlewood copy of that founding document, should the newly discovered items contain such words, I remain sure they would never be exposed to sunlight.

Parker said he hoped to "discover and understand the words and visions of our forebears" in the capsules.

The statue will be rebuilt, Parker said.

As always, the none-too-subtle message to the masses remains the same. You will be taxed to pay for a rebuild.

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