Wednesday, March 09, 2011

ChCh Stadium wrecked?: "Information would not be released publicly"

The Government will not immediately release engineering reports on whether AMI Stadium in Christchurch can be used for Rugby World Cup games.

Why not? Aren't taxpayers the backstop in this unwanted, overhyped, unwarranted private venture? That's right, we'll be last to know that we are being stiffed yet again.

Just like we've bailed out another private company today, one will no doubt be told when to stump up more taxes to turn a profit for the IRB.

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Anonymous said...

always just been politics - Aunty Helen wanted to look liek a normal kiwi!

it's a minute worldwide event - and 99.9 % of viewers are in main rugby countries (only 30m for 2007 final) so we're just wasting millions marketing ourselves to those who already know us well, and probably saw the AB's place all their games last year anyway!

The only people hyping it are those who's jobs depend on it council event people........now there's a worthwhile career