Sunday, March 06, 2011

ChCh: "I'm over the council. They're incompetent."

Engineers and private sector construction managers have spoken critically of the approach adopted by Christchurch City Council, described as slow and bureaucratic. Labour MP Lianne Dalziel - whose electorate is among the hardest hit - was more blunt still. "I'm over the council. They're incompetent."

Well, I never. Who would have thought? And from a Liarbour MP daring to suggest that one of their core vipers nests of socialist do-gooder incompetents that infest our communities are not up to the mark when under pressure to perform. And just how's that leadership spot looking Phil?
We grossly under-appreciated the scale of the damage in suburban areas. The scale of the operation is so big it is a challenge to provide these services for so many people

At least the political points scorers, incompetents and disaster tourists will now be properly sidelined, with Civil Defence now getting stuck in outside of the city centre.
The business-as-usual approach is not going to work

Gerry's on to it. Maybe that National Emergency is real. Warm up the D9's.

I see right alongside Granny's article another on Bob the Mayor talking up their saccharine wholesome goodness. As he is sidelined by last night's 4.8 aftershock.

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