Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well that's that then

The chances of a broad-based Left-wing party rising from the ashes of Hone Harawira's meltdown with the Maori Party have been dashed after he made it clear that any group he led would have to be Maori-focused.

Mr Harawira indicated he wanted a "more Left-wing Maori Party"

Bye bye Mr John Hatfield. Bound to be a small distraction, nothing more, to the NACTional coalition that is ripping New Zealand asunder with its racist separatist alliance with the current Maori Party.

I suspect that come December Hone, you'll have tons of time to look after your dear old mum.


Anonymous said...

It is the National party that chose to foist the racist policies of the Maori party on Nz, not ACT.
Black really is white with you sometimes.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, imnsho your precious ACT is just as guilty, an enabler, not being forceful in stopping the process. NZ will be a better place without the joke that is ACT under Rodney after the forthcoming election. At least there will be more room for a right party that might remain true to its ideals.