Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This was never going to end well [update]

Like Ele at HP, a problem with field mice under the deck at the front door. Can't leave door open without the buggers getting inside. And upsetting the cook.

0807 Trap set.
0815-ish Posing for various pix.
0822 or so Trap closed on first mouse (pictured) by second mouse jumping on top of trap also looking for a peanut butter breakfast. With fatal outcome.

Score 2-Nil, going for 3-Nil.

Notes to self:

Must visit the SPCA soon and look for a replacement for the not-so-long-departed mog.

Do not smear peanut butter over all of the plate, just at the back edge by the hinge so the rascal has to put his front leg weight on the front edge of the plate to reach in to the rear.
Once tripped, mice will lick peanut butter from trip arm via now open slot at middle rear of trap and clean it out fairly quickly. So just smeared into raised area on plate and just behind that area appears to be optimum.

Also note that trap is wired down, stopping a partially trapped mouse buggering off with trap. Essential for the bigger rat trap version.

Dispose of any freshly caught mice into half filled bucket of water. (#1 mouse was allowed to cool off for 30 minutes, appeared very dead. Then I released him on to the deck and re-baited trap. Turned my back for 15 minutes - he was gone! Has changed the order, original #1 now back around trap as #3 looking fit and healthy chasing another soon to be fatal snack.)


homepaddock said...

Thanks for advice about not smearing peanut butter all over the plate - I've been doing that will now put it near the back.

Suz said...

Hopefully you'll make your trip to the SPCA sooner rather than later; they're over-flowing with skilful and efficient, not to mention gorgeous vermin-catchers at the moment.

And I'm sure the Cook will be most appreciative!

PM of NZ said...

Suz, trouble is they all look so cute, but most are only half a cat. Last one we had was a long haired grey Maine Coon mongrel ex SPCA, all 7kg of him. Would put the average terrier yapper to shame size wise and catching rabbits.

Suz said...

7kg!! Impressive!

Go for it PM..all the SPCA's have good websites; photos and personality profiles (I know it sounds wanky, but they really seem get to know the individual animals).

Hope I read soon that you and the Cook have adopted the perfect rabbit-catcher! 'Cos we all know, you're a big softie deep down :)

PM of NZ said...

Cheers for that Suz, didn't know they had websites. Just thought you had to go down to the pound and view the manky mogs on offer. No doubt the ones online have been well photoshopped for maximum cuteness without a flea in sight.

Suz said...

Ha..you old cynic!

They're all given vetinerary checks, vaccinated, and treated to eliminate fleas and worms, desexed, and micro-chipped.

Plenty of big mean hunters to be chosen, in amongst the mankies!