Monday, March 28, 2011

The benefit of a 'social wage' and theft

There is no way to describe the redistribution of my taxes into ‘healthcare, superannuation, child care and family payments, including maternity allowance’ as anything other than a benefit. An unearnt benefit to the recipient.

Redistributive welfare payments dressed up as a ‘social wage’ may sound nice and touchy feely to the recipient, whereas to those that pay taxes funding such largesse, it is nothing but theft.

For light entertainment, I've been over to the Stranded and made a few comments about 'social wages' and theft by taxation about redistributive benefits like Working For Welfare.

Also, others on the thread are agitating for a bit of Wisconsin/UK type union driven argy-bargy to get a bigger share of those benefits. Coming here to NZ real soon, this election year.

Suddenly Monday arvo is not so boring.

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