Friday, March 04, 2011

Observed personality disorders

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self, lack empathy, are vain and materialistic and possess an overblown sense of entitlement

Inflated sense of self-worth. Check.
Lack empathy. Check.
Vain and materialistic. Check.

Overblown sense of entitlement you say?

is clearly a generational shift

problem is that narcissism doesn't help you compete. It blows up in your face eventually.

Yep, sounds just like those in our Parliament, particularly on the left, who see tax, tax and more tax as the solution.


robertguyton said...

Do you regard the increase in GST as 'more tax' PM?
Did it irk you greatly when that was foisted upon us?
It did me.

PM of NZ said...

Only partially, RG. The GST increase was partially offset by an income tax cut.

What really irks me is that nothing was done to reign in the government spend.

Unfortunately, the nett effect was to swap one tax for another and we still live way above our means as a country. Borrowing handsomely, bribing our children with Working For Welfare, mortgaging our grandchildren to piss money against the wall on bureaucrats.