Friday, March 25, 2011

Maori Party: "Job done", disbanding

co-leader of the Maori Party Pita Sharples is declaring ‘job done’ as Parliament finally passed the controversial Foreshore and Seabed Act, and fulfilled the purpose for which the party was created

Prime Minister John Key praised the decision in a public statement this evening, stating, ‘We really enjoyed working with the Maori Party on this important issue.

‘No, really. We are sad that they have decided not to continue in politics. Honestly.’

One can only hope New Zealand is rid quickly of these racist separatists. Along with the parliamentary seats for voters of a certain race.

Maori Party elected members are assured of public appointments around the world following their stint in power.

Hone Harawira has already been offered a mediation role with the United Nations in currently troubled areas of the Middle East, using his experience of bringing people together.

Sharples and co-leader Tariana Turia are rumoured to be forming a brand new political party, provisionally named ‘Why Can’t We All Just Get Along Together’, in a coalition with Col. Gaddafi, Pauline Hanson and Mel Gibson.

But no, we can only hope, it is only wishful thinking...


Sally said...


This before the ink is dry.

All National MP’s I am afraid do not have any principles, power is all that matters to them.

KG said...

"All National MP’s I am afraid do not have any principles, power is all that matters to them."

That pretty well describes politicians in general,doesn't it Sally?