Saturday, March 12, 2011

MSM stuffs up yet again

... Tristan da Cunha, on the rum line between Uruguay and South Africa, where there are 300 people living on top of a volcano ...

For the want of a half decent sub-editor. One that can spell.

Revenue cutters might have patrolled a three mile limit, but I'm sure as hell Tristan da Cunha is a lot further out to sea, on a different loxodrome.

Loxodrom'ic Line is a curve which cuts every member of a system of lines of curvature of a given surface at the same angle. A ship sailing towards the same point of the compass describes such a line which cuts all the meridians at the same angle. In Mercator's Projection (q.v.) the Loxodromic lines are evidently straight.

How's that for a word of the day HP?

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Anonymous said...

That's a wodnerful word of the day, PM.