Friday, March 18, 2011

Watching the pennies

The Government will borrow to cover the $10 billion the Christchurch earthquakes will cost it, Finance Minister Bill English says

The keen people that will be required to rebuild Christchurch are being demolished by petty bureaucrats along with their property and businesses.

Meanwhile the disaster tourist halts proceedings for a right royal showing of disaster porn.
It's a grandiose, empty gesture starring so-called VIPs – Prince William, Prime Minister John Key, Aussie PM Julia Gillard, [Australian Leader of the Opposition] Tony Abbott and presumably other assorted boring people in suits

I wonder how much has this photo op cost ratepayers and taxpayers? Yep, this government really has their priorities right. Must be seen to be doing something, anything, at any expense. Flashing the dollars, whilst we borrow $300M a week.

Keep going, Johnny Boy, November is only a few months away.


robertguyton said...

Good post PM.

PM of NZ said...

If you've got something to say RG, get it off your chest.