Friday, March 11, 2011

Wallowing in the culture trough

Things like the Auckland Festival are what's going to make us a liveable city

This year's proposal is for a $13,190,000 levy for the coming year (14 per cent up on this year) for the amenities, along with a 5 per cent increase for Auckland Museum and an 8 per cent boost for Motat.

Now employed by Mr Kulture, Lyen Len, the left wish to ramp up the rates take to fund what should be private undertakings without any council input. No amount of ratepayer funded parades or festivals will make Orklund any more liveable or reduce the rates for my tenants you thieving bastards.

All the usual suspects from the left snout deep in the culture trough attempting to ratchet my rates through the roof. There is some hope, 11 for, 7 against for not approving the hike, but the precedent has been set in the court. And likely to get real expensive for ratepayers yet again as the parties lawyer up.

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