Saturday, July 05, 2008

15% anyone?

Having just watched Te News and seen fifteen thousand unhappy voters out on a raw wintry day telling Liarbour that they have not got the right answers to crime.

Punters want action, not words. Various pundits suggest a 20% rout is on the plate. I would say 15% or better. Better being less. Everyone is so over Liarbour.

What are your guesses?


KG said...

If Labour are voted out by however big a margin, PM it won't be big enough for me.
I'd like to see the party, its MPs and the ideology utterly destroyed.

Ex Labour said...

It's going to be dismal, I would say. Around 20 per cent for Labour, 6 percent for the Greens, Act on 2, the Maori Party rising past 4, and the rest sent into oblivion. It's going to be a painful wait until the election, but the night will be sweet. How tired their ideologies are, how out of date and PC bogged.