Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The buck stops at last

At last a politician has had the guts to put a stake in the ground and stop the corrupt farce.

It should have come from her indoors, but as expected, nothing would come from her because he is propping up her corrupt government.

Well done Rodney.


Barnsley Bill said...

You beat me too it by ten minutes. Question time will be another train wreck today no doubt.

PM of NZ said...

Yes BB, I was doing my usual quick post lunch drive-by of various websites prior to my afternoon siesta when I spotted the scoop of the day.

Must put another log on the fire.

Easterly wind has eased in last half hour here. Hopefully that's it. Cows are knee deep in mud in paddock.

Inventory2 said...

It's been fair persisting down in WangaVegas for most of the morning, so it's another golf-free Wednesday. Parliament's on the telly in 20 minutes, so it will be interesting to see the body language of Messrs Hide and Peters. I suspect that The Baubleator will have needed more than one scotch to calm his anger today!

PM of NZ said...


Have been watching the rain all morning on your side of the hill on metservice. Seems to be far too much bright blue on that rain radar.

Has been steady rain on this side, but much better now wind has eased.

Time to turn on telly and peer into the bearpit.