Sunday, July 20, 2008

Media firestorm to start?

Tomorrow and the next week will be interesting as her indoors takes the full brunt of media on her Foreign Minister's lying, while Winston First is winging his way out of Baublegate.

After all the discussion, a comment I made over at Keeping Stock earlier still sums up what I suspect will happen.
The unfortunate thing being so close to the finish line, her indoors will not deviate and will elect to go all the way, bugger the consequences.

Winston may have technically not personally received the donation, but as legal views expressed over at KB show, he is caught in the headlights, as he has the personal liability, with all that entails.

Any suggestion that Liarbour is implicated will be brushed aside as is normal practice.

At what point does the GG step in?

Yes, will the GG step up to the plate and sort this matter? I fear not.

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Inventory2 said...

The GG will do only what the PM requires him to do. And turkeys don't vote for an early Christmas.