Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Storm? What storm?

Was up in the big smoke, although I for once didn't see any smog, the last few days attending to familial matters.

Saw some clips on the the telly bishun of the supposed storm and all the devastation that was being wreaked along Tamaki Drive in an easterly. Yes, salt water was shown getting onto the roads, not good for Beemers and Porsches heading for those exclusive eastern suburbs. And there were a few minor slips and broken trees.

Those that build on flood plains further north deserve everything they get when it rains and the tide comes into their lounge. The councils involved need to be sued for allowing these houses, but that is another story.

Where we were was bunkered down in a hollow in west suburbia and it wasn't that windy. In fact, quite sheltered, but as usual in Jafaland, sodding wet. The clag over the Manukau down to sea level, flat calm.

What passed was what I call 'active' weather for other parts south of the Bombay Line. You quickly learn that it can and does blow a bit. If it is not tied down, it will not be there tomorrow.

Get over yourselves, your sparkling waters are vulnerable in an easterly.

The rest of the country had a nice few days with some rain.


Barnsley Bill said...

The flood plains further north have become flood plains since they stopped dredging the inlets and allowed sea gorse to completely infest our harbours and estuaries.
I agree with your comment about allowing people to build in these areas though...

Barnsley Bill said...

And it is raining really hard now up here.