Monday, July 14, 2008

Dannevegas to get Viking

All the council boxes have been ticked, now only to find $280K for a fibreglass 10 metre high Viking to go onto the High Street prominently as the town's icon. Wellington sculptor Denis Hall is to build the statue, assisted by staff from WETA Workshop.

All funds are to be raised without incurring any cost to the ratepayer. Great stuff - will draw a few more to the town. Eketahuna has its Kiwi, Ohakune has its carrot and Paeroa has a soft drink bottle, why not a Viking?

And while on the subject of rape and pillage, I also see in the same local rag (today's Bush Telegraph) that the local Liarbour candidate, one Denise MacKenzie is calling for letters from citizenry supposedly aggrieved by the establishment of the Bro Tel also placed very prominently in the High Street. In the same paper is another half page article on that very business with a picture of the establishment. Nothing like free publicity.

Remind me. Wasn't it her Labour cohorts who passed the law recently for knock shops to be legal? I do not share her supposed concern - get over it. Hopefully as a good politician she, along with the Mayoress, will attend the opening of both tourist drawcards.

After all, with the recent local closures and layoffs, the home of the Viking needs all the help it can get.

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