Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feeling squeezed?

People will pay their fair share but you can’t push that,”

“My judgment at the moment is that there are a lot of people in this country who feel they work hard, they make their contribution and they’re feeling squeezed.

Does the above sound like you and your finances? Well, there is a white knight.
I’ve been very clear with my colleagues that there is no point them writing in saying, ‘Can we have some more money?’ because the reply is already on its way and it’s a very short reply

I suspect the reply is like Winnies two fingered lettered replies of late.

But seriously, the Chancellor of the Exchequer suggests we are in for rough ride.
Taxpayers are at the limit of what they are willing to pay to fund public services,

In his gloomiest assessment yet of the state of the British economy, Alistair Darling gave warning that the downturn was far more profound than he had thought and could last for years rather than months.

He revealed that he told Cabinet ministers this week that there would be no more money for schools, hospitals, defence, transport or policing.

I could never see the thieves running the show in NZ ever admitting that the taxpayer had reached their limit.

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