Friday, July 11, 2008

Delusional Heathcliff seen wandering the moors

an opportunity to scotch rumours that the number of hours' sleep ... is declining in proportion to ... opinion-poll ratings.

When you've got difficult decisions to make, you've got to be calm and considered. I don't generally lose my temper." ... also insisted ... would not be driven out ... before the next general election. "I'm here to do a job and I'll leave when I finish. I'm not here for the sake of [it].

Describing being Prime Minister as "the best job in the world, ... You can't be deterred by people criticising you ... If you believe in something strongly enough, you get on with it."

The voice of reason from the deluded. One wonders when the fuse blows, will her indoors, like Heathcliff, let us see the true nature of the deluded.

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Iain Dale notes a delicious comment about Heathcliffe, from the curator of the Heathcl;iffe museum.
If only Granny could use copy from the Daily Telegraph instead.

In a New Statesman interview, Gordon Brown compared himself to Heathcliff. The Telegraph reports the owner of the Bronte Paronsage Museum in Yorkshire saying...

"Heathcliff is a man prone to domestic violence, kidnapping, possibly murder, and digging up his dead lover. He is moody and unkind to animals. Is this really a good role model for a prime minister?"