Sunday, July 06, 2008

Police dogs to wear PC bootees

After having to apologise over the recent anti-crime poster where Lassie had been calling Allah, Mr Plod in the UK now has to fit Lassie with special PC bootees prior to searching certain premises.

I kid you not.

Some comments.
Of all the religions, only one causes problems, day in, day out.
If Islam is so great and superior, why did so many muslims move from the Islamic world to countries run by 'Infidels'?

These medieval religious mantras imposed by Islam are becoming increasingly ridiculous.

One does wonder why the kuffa West attracts them so?

All I can say is, you poor fools.This is indeed Labour madness. It has not quite reached New Zealand yet, but we are doing our best.

Yes, indeed.

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KG said...

".. It has not quite reached New Zealand yet.."
It will.