Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Symbolic promotion of union politics

The modus operandii of unions in simple terms for their members.
1. The enemy is qualitatively different than us.

2. The enemy represents some great evil. They are demonic, fascist, fundamentalist, etc. The evilness of the enemy is eternal. They have always been evil and they will always be evil.

3. The enemy has harmed us in the past with impunity.

4. The enemy has plans to harm us again in the future.

5. Unlike the enemy, we are noble and deserving of the good lives that the enemy would deny to us.

6. The enemy is united so we must also be. Those of us who undermine our unity are traitors or agents of the enemy.

7. This is the final battle. If we win we will move on to a bright future free from the threat that the enemy poses.

Change the words to suit your current hate campaign.

HT No Minister, taken from Belman's 7 key messages of hate propaganda (in the thesis on her indoors (and the feminazi lesbian cabal?))

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