Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I might as well vote Liarbour

Yet again Liarbour Lite fails to grasp the nettle.

I want vision and the billion dollars associated with donkeys braying in outhouses would have been the perfect place to start gathering funds for a tax cut. What a fantastic place to start pruning the layers off the bureaucratic arts onion that infests our local government.

Spending on the Arts in times of belt-tightening for normal households is at the whim of purely discretionary leisure funds - when is government going to apply the same ethic?

But no, another opportunity lost on 'me too' policies. At least with Don he had the necessary point of difference with Orewa I.

John Key, it is time to stand up and be counted. What is your point of difference???

Seriously considering might as well vote for her indoors.


KG said...

Key and the Nats are rapidly becoming a bad joke.
I've always believed that all politicians are pretty much the same scummy animal under the skin, but with this "me too" Key has made it arrogantly, blatantly obvious.

Anonymous said...

ACT has big points of difference. Have some balls, Vote ACT.

PM of NZ said...

A vote for anything but either Liarbour or LiarbourLite is wasted.