Thursday, July 17, 2008

As usual, another union unhappy

There are signs New Zealand banking customers are rebelling against ANZ National's proposal to shift hundreds of jobs to India, banking workers' union Finsec says.

As the market contracts and KiwiBank takes ever more of the customers that the gang of four used to rort daily, even the union is feeling the pinch.

There was "a sense of parochialism" among New Zealand banking customers, and anecdotal evidence suggested people were already switching to other banks in protest at ANZ National's move, he said.

"We've had a positive response from customers against this. Customers don't like it. And people will reconsider their banking."

Using customers as their strawman the union says outsourcing will be the death knell of the bank. More like there are no outsourced jobs, either here or overseas, for the unionised overpaid. The luxurious meal-ticket of striking for pay rises has ended, forced upon them by capitalist market forces. Alas, the unionised will actually have to work for a living and increase productivity to get pay rises like the rest of us.
"There is a lot of worry. They like working at the bank. And these are good jobs. They're well paid jobs. Unfortunately, similar jobs outside of the banking sector, in terms of skills they have, probably don't pay as well.

That can only be good as the staff totally focus on customers and not their next payrise campaign.

The Herald yesterday asked ASB, BNZ and Westpac if they had similar outsourcing proposals in the pipeline.

The others in the cartel say they are not doing suchlike etc. For now anyway.

What they really mean is that we will see how it flies with ANZ and then if we can reduce operational costs and break unions we will be in like robber's dogs.

Excellent times to be a customer.

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