Saturday, July 05, 2008

Got that wrong!

I thought yesterday arvo that the high sliding off Oz into the ditch had taken control, as winds eased and turned into nice summery day here.

For a short while anyway till the next squally front came through just before dark.

Alas, not to be. Snow on front
lawn this morning, windy and the odd raindrop sneaking over the Ruahines. Snow visible this morning through a very bare wisteria from kitchen window with good snow to 500m.

Snow on lawn melted quickly. Now at 1100 it has started snowing in earnest at 1000' ASL (300m) - light fluffy stuff, but not settling. Have had it 8" deep before here.

Cool! (really it is 3 degrees outside and the cows are happy knee deep on the long acre)

Another pic for you of a sunrise a couple of days ago.


homepaddock said...

We've got a biting southerly in North Otago. Friends report snow in Central with the Lindis Pass & Pigroot closed and the road north of Dunedin to Waitati is also closed.

PM of NZ said...

Saw the deep south on Te News - looks damned tropical.

Was still snowing at 1500 here, now can see 1/4 moon in west and stars are out. Very crunchy underfoot getting cows in, but melting quick.

Yet rain radar at metservice.com shows heavy rain parked over the Caketin. Also am sure that Wiberia 90Km away as the crow flies is very different.

KG said...

Tahiti looks good about now.