Saturday, July 19, 2008

Timimg is everything in this despicable game

For those who move in political circles, timing is everything.

While the passing of Winston's dear old mum makes for a sad time and he should rightly be given time to grieve, one of his own team has used that very day to soften the effect of an admission which should have wide political ramifications.

I think that action in itself speaks volumes of the depths to where those in politics will sink to save their own skin. Absolutely gross and despicable, yesterday should have been purely about his mother.

And I say should, because I can expect her indoors will not fire Winston for stretching the truth and Condi will still come to say 'Bon Voyage'. The opposition will play more me-too for the greater good and the media will be hamstrung because Winston will be off chasing a bit skirt in Samoa for another few weeks.

RIP Joan Peters.

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