Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flying Kangaroo doles out cancer sticks again

The national airline reintroduced tobacco sales on board this month, almost 10 years after they were stopped.

Legislation prohibits the packs from being advertised in the shopping catalogue but it is legal to stack them on the duty-free trolley and wheel them through the cabin.

A letter recently sent to Qantas staff by management states: "It's vital that duty free carts are taken out into the economy cabin, with the cigarettes displayed prominently on top."

Soon will be able to light up again in cattle class? No risk, when was the last time a plane fell out of the sky due to a smoker lighting up in cattle class?

Of course the anti-lobby wowsers are out in full force.
Perhaps the flying kangaroo should be renamed the cancer kangaroo, such is their insistence on the inflight sale and display of a product that will ultimately kill more than half of long-term users.
And they are not the only one at it.
Full service inflight shopping was also offered by Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic
Makes you almost want to start smoking again.

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