Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Her indoors cornered and trying to get SFO out of picture

is one of a range of avenues available to deal with questions swirling around NZ First funding.

Ever the helpful one as the walls close in, her indoors is suggesting for the first time that there are alternatives to the Hide initiated SFO inquiry. Only taken months to take any action - forced into a corner by Rodders.

Such as
the Auditor General, the Pecuniary Interests Registrar and Speaker were all avenues in which concerns could be pursued.

I wonder why? All alternatives that can be directly controlled from the ninth floor?

Could it be that matters of the type that may not be spoken of in the Parliament might enmesh Dear Leader hastening her downfall.

Hopefully a SFO driven inquiry might have teeth, if it gets off the ground and be free from being coated with whitewash. Haven't seen any of that lately. What sweet revenge if both will have to front.

Perception is everything and what I see from here also stinks.


Inventory2 said...

PM - it was the Auditor-General who made a seriously adverse finding against Labour (and NZ First). Then the A-G copped no end of flak from those whom he found against. Perhaps Kevin Brady would fancy the opportunity to display his independence and integrity one more time in the life of the 5th Labour government!

PM of NZ said...

IV2, Am aware of that. Since then he has been hiding his light under a bushel. A Liarbour bushel perhaps?

The question that must be asked is why are these so-called independents not stepping up to the plate? And taking matters in hand?