Sunday, July 06, 2008

Herding cats

Week 2 of the dirty fight starts in a mere few hours.

Wouldn't the main players just love to be able to organise mere plebs within a few short days like seen during the last week.

  • A few thousand truckies organised at short notice with Joe Public mostly onside.
  • March in Hastings of a couple of thousand people on anti-crime. Organised over a week or so.
  • March in Botany - 15 thousand on anti-crime crusade. Organised by specific community with barely a hint in MSM.
If only the policies on offer could similarly engage the masses rather than engaging in herding cats. Unfortunately what we see is bitter sniping and playing the man.

The electorate is not happy, any who step in to the firing line are fair game.

Bring it on.

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