Monday, July 14, 2008

Malicious Lies

malicious lies

then called back to warn against suggesting in today's article that he had refused to answer questions

he would not offer an explanation till the newspaper explained its motivation in running those stories

You're not going to be pulling these narrow focused conspiracies against us. It's not going to be happening ... Why is your paper engaged in lying?

It is a downright lie to claim by innuendo that any money came to NZ First from Owen Glenn

Gone feral, just short of the 'Bon Voyage' visit by his only friend Condi (or maybe soon not to be) in this cruel world, Winston First is fighting like a cornered mangy cur.

While the rest of Parliament is enjoying time out with their families, the ninth floor machine, some would say those without children in their immediate lives, never stops continuing to churn. Of late, looks like the bovver boy Ducky Mallard has been duty Minister. Must be Annette's turn this week as matters political go feral.

These are serious allegations and they need to be resolved. The New Zealand public is entitled to answers to the questions

Yes, John Boy is on the case, the voice of sanity, but remains ever mindful of not frightening the horses and he might just have to horse-trade with Winnie. He does need to really put pressure on her indoors though.

This, with other distractions, such as 'it was only bruising' Tony and the yet to be fully exposed, but swiftly spiralling demise of Cunners and King's adventure over in the Bay will more than make up for the lack of the sanitised but direct televised tomfoolery from the bearpit that is Parliament.

That's all for now, must off to some gainful employment.

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