Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pistols at dawn

The opening week of the dirty fight that is to be Election 2008 has been entertaining to say the least. Or should that be Erection 2008 where the pissing contest is about to begin?

Her indoors had her parade rained on both literally with the crap weather and figuratively with truckies being the news rather than the unwarranted and expensive re-purchase of NZ FailRail. She is concentrating on the man, now that the seconds have moved aside.
Three years ago we were behind and we just had to put on our hard hats and work in a very determined way which is what we are doing now. There is a winter to get through. The country is being buffeted by a lot of offshore wind but we have to provide leadership to get through it
Time will tell.

A country cousin from down in that town (sorry IV2) where open gang warfare abounds in the suburbs and taggers have a personal vendetta with all art forms has the temerity to call the leader of the largest city in our fair country a 'wet'. Must have been really pissed that his weekly trip to see the future Lord Mayor took somewhat longer from the airport to Ponsonby because of some trucks.

He is right on one matter though.
suggesting that one arm of the public sector knows what the other is doing is to stretch credulity past breaking point.

And while thousands of voters did what they could to keep warm and dry in their leaky homes during this cruel winter blast, her indoors was 'heartless' and did not offer any warmth.
Clark yesterday confirmed the Government's long-held position it bears no liability for the leaky homes debacle and would not contribute to the cost.

At least the Nats have offered an olive branch. This comment sums up how the electorate feels on the matter.
Gratuitous comments on the eve of the Labour Party funeral are not useful

The time for seconds arranging the main event is over. Opening shots were fired this week, but missed their targets. Unfortunately, we know it will go on for months.

If only someone would put us out of our misery and get this farce over. Just when is the funeral to be?

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