Thursday, July 17, 2008

There's going to be a lynchin'

Fresh from the lynching at TVNZ, the posse still kitted out is looking for another lynching by media.

They may have well found a cause celebre in Dannevegas.

A 'incensed group' had their say at a highly charged meeting last night and voiced their opposition to the new Bro Tel in the High Street.

Tempers flared, moral outrage abounded, suspicion over attracting crime and trouble. God forbid, it was even noted that the establishment would offer a gay service, supposedly attracting every paedophile in the lower North Island.

Some offered a 'name and shame' service, with one offering to sit outside all day doing her knitting collecting names to give to partners of those attending. What about the night trade dear? It gets damned draughty and chilly in the High Street of an an evening.

A committee has been formed, to organise and present objections to the council.

The council CEO was put on the spot, but had a stock answer - their concern was for the environmental, not moral matters. Also, (in the hard copy paper)
The council is bound by the laws of the land and prostitution is legal.
And no doubt a few of the would be lynch mob need reminding that this is what happens when you vote for Liarbour.

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