Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Factual misunderstanding' correction

The trough feeder that is Sparc has 'corrected' the purported facts as publicly displayed.
It is not correct that $35 million 'never makes it outside the Wellington office

So they do not spend $35 million on admin in Wgtn. Still manage to spend $13m there apparently. $4m on wages for 38 staff over $100K. $160K on a website. Where has the other $9m gone in Wellington?
The speech was sourced and checked. A lot of the information was sourced from official Government documents, [such as] Sparc's website and their own documents.
The only thing Mr Key missed is why does such an organisation exist at all? How does such a bureaucracy contribute to the economy? Sport is an activity which should be funded from our discretionary entertainment/leisure dollars, not the consolidated fund.

The $106m it consumed in the name of sport last year could be one tenth of a billion dollar tax cut. Easy.

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