Tuesday, September 16, 2008

13 minutes of unrelated matters on 14th Dec 2005

Detail from Kiwiblog.
  1. Owen Glenn phoned Winston at 1.27 pm
  2. That call ended at 1.33 pm
  3. Winston phoned Brian Henry at 1.34 pm
  4. That call ended at 1.39 pm
  5. At 1.40 pm Brian Henry sent Owen Glenn the bank account details for the donation

1 & 2 Owen and Winnie shoot the breeze.
3 & 4 Winston calls his lawyer on unrelated matters.
5 Lawyer, after having his memory 'jogged', dispatches (pre-written?) email with bank account details for donation.

So Winston did not know of the donation till this year?

Pull the other one.

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