Monday, September 29, 2008

Absolutely Not!

"Absolutely not,"

The National leader said he could conceive of no possible circumstance in which he would go back on his promise not to work with New Zealand First after the election.

Too right. The last thing needed is to have to horse trade with Winston.

But Winston has not written himself off. And he has a message for the SFO.
No one is powerless in my business and I intend to take them on legally if I have to.

If his heavying via the media fails to give him clearance of matters criminal, prepare to engage legal eagles. I wonder which trust will pay his bills this time?
Given the way Mr Peters has been able to turn a damning privileges committee finding against him into a political weapon, he could make a serious impact in the polls with a finding of "cleared" during the election campaign.

He is not a happy chap. God help us if such an event occurred. None would be so righteous.

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Inventory2 said...

Spot on PM - it's high time that the "myth" of Winston "Keeping the honest" Peters was debunked fully and finally.