Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lustreless Labor

Like their Kiwi counterparts, Oz voters have had a gutsful of Labor wall-to-wall in their faces.

The shine has gone and the carpet is being rolled up.
The people of NSW are just fed up with any government which seems to be more concerned about itself than it is about the future of the state

Same, same here too, although her indoors won't admit it. She still thinks the electorate doesn't hate her enough to warrant change. Through her eyes the world is so rosy and trusting. Must be all that soft lighting used to photograph her.

Woe betide any government that does not operate a clean patch. Voters have had enough of the personal mud slinging and it is only day four of an eight week campaign based on trust.

As for parties who act holier than thou, deeming themselves above any scandal, the punters will deliver the masterstroke in early November.

Yes, her lustre has long gone. No amount of makeup or KFC will save you this time.

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