Monday, September 22, 2008

The other side of religion

Borat's director is taking an irreverential squiz at religion.
America's corrosive culture wars, in which evangelical Christians are never far from the front line, are about to be reignited by a Borat-style take on organised religion.

In ultra-conservative US of A.
using the same hit-and-run techniques - will open in New York next month. Provocatively titled Religulous (think "religious" and "ridiculous"), it will mock the beliefs of the world's major religions, recruiting unwitting assistance from the ranks of the faithful.
Not to satirise religion, but to demolish religion. It's already in the can.
have made clear that, while they were looking for comic potential from their engagements with believers, their ultimate aim was not to poke fun but to demolish."I want to destroy more than debunk," said Charles. "Just destroy the whole system.

That will be worth paying good money to see.

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Budgieboy said...

This kind of stuff can be very amusing, but only when they focus on the extreme elements of a religion, which does beg the question, did they have the balls to take on the Mad Mullahs?