Monday, September 22, 2008

Dilemmas with much hand wringing

Every man and his dog, after voting in the government that legalised the oldest profession along with men shagging men, is now having an attack of the morals accompanied by much hand wringing.

Between the devil and deep blue sea it would seem. Teachers cannot work such a combination of jobs, in charge of our kids one moment and then servicing community needs in the next. So the moral police are afoot and putting their oar in.

A new teacher has taken up the challenge of a second job for whatever reason. Now her employers at the 'primary' job are discussing whether the secondary job fits their suddenly re-found distorted morals. Next thing her name will be outed and then we will have the parental lynch mob afoot.

Excuse me, the job is legal and not affecting her said primary work. Like most legal secondary jobs.

I suppose the teacher who in future needs to take an after hours job at the local shark and 'taties greasy spoon will suffer at the hands of the same employers because such food is not in keeping with food police ethics?

I say bugger off and find something to real to discuss with teaching. Like not teaching war dances but actually teaching real world things like the 3R's on a practical level.


Herald is running a poll on subject (question reworded) Results are 50/50 at 1455 today.

Is it OK for a prostitute to moonlight as a primary school teacher?

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