Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really big secret

A precis of proceedings from bustedblonde over at RoarPrawn:
Winston said he never solicited for donations - Winston lied

Brian Henry isn't going to perjure himself for his blood brother - instead he waved a legal wand and poured fairy dust on a story to pretty it up a bit - it didn't work because Winston lied.

A privileges committee that could show the country some moral leadership and say what the rest of the country is saying - Winston lied.

The longest three minutes ever recorded since Satan gave eve the apple. Winston Lied

"No one has made sacrifices like me" - he denigrates good New Zealanders who have made sacrifices - Winston Lied.

He thinks that big business is out to get him - wrong, its the little guys and the old fellas who are most outraged because the one thing New Zealanders value is a bugger who doesn't bullshit and
they can see Winston lied.

Some scampi rebels are watching and at least they can smile because even though no one could prove it outright, they always knew Winston lied

All the polls clearly say that they don't trust Winston anymore because people know Winston lied

Then she asks
So what the hell does Winston know about Labour that stops Helen Clark from taking this mad arse wipe out of the New Zealand political equation for ever...

What ever it is , it must be smellier than a deck full of rotting ling and stargazer on a big auckland scampi trawler

Yes indeed. The blood brother has something on the blood sister just for such occasion. That is the nub of this issue.

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