Sunday, September 21, 2008

Starry, starry nights at the end of a wharf

Conundrums and riddles from fellow blogger WOBH and his sources in MFAT.

My memory does not serve me well on matters, but I distinctly remember at one of the Devonport Wine and Food Festivals some time ago a significant political person was found outstaying his welcome and being obnoxiously vocal in one of the hospitality tents long after the stars had come out.

Late 90's perhaps? What I do remember it being hushed up and sod all said about it. Must have seen it in the local rag (probably not online then). Was, as WhaleOil has been advised, said person yodelling like a lonely goatherd under the influence muttering dark secrets of matters political and murky finances?

The DWFF is held right at the end of the wharf, right across the carpark in a local reserve and always has been a place for hobnobblers and glitterati to annually get turpsed. Has been an event for around 20 years.

Maybe that incident of long ago has more legs? Can someone from the Shore remember more detail and a name?


Inventory2 said...

You could be on to something PM - and if there were copious quantities for free beverage available, I reckon WRP would be a starter.

PM of NZ said...

Yes, there always was copious amounts of sponsor's product at the annual event.

Usually promptly followed up next week by letters to the editor about lubed yoof.

After that, the subsequent hand wringing and platitudes by the council wallahs who were onto a good thing and still had a hangover.

And the name which positively eludes me - I still have this niggle it might be Irish Bill. Don't think it was WRP, but could be wrong.

Covered up scandal has always happened in Devonport. Was a fact of life when pissed sailors from the nearby Naval Base blotted their copybook in the area.

Anonymous said...

you are both wrong it was way earlier than that. try about 40 years ago.

PM of NZ said...

40 years ago anon?

That could be into lurve child terrority with the current crop of players.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, a different tack.

From what I have seen over at WOBF, the direction is 1973 (35 years ago), Norman Kirk standing on a wharf in Devonport, seeing off the anti-Nuke protest to Mururoa.

A silent finger of protest to the world, but not much yodelling under african skies there.