Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stunning poem

The man was a snarling cat
Venturing outside, only to fight
Greasy hair under his hat
Evil sneer on his lips
Boozing with fellow workers at night
The powers he had exploited tight in his grips

His promises were a phoenix bird
Beautiful, though impossible to achieve
He captivated the public with his solemn word
A radiant star, while he lied
But once he had clutched rule, his support could only leave
He took advantage of the people, so his popularity has died

He was a complacent pussy cat
Basking in the glory of his power
But now he is a despised rat
His support from the public is all gone
The life has faded from a wilted flower
The politician was deposed before long.

Guess who?

from Sarahjane, probably written around 1998.

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