Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"I have constantly had that assurance..."

As Mr Glenn fronts the Privileges Committee today 'to clear his name', her indoors repeats the mantra that she has used in all tricky situations where she could be tarred with the same brush.

One might ask why Mr Glenn might feel the need that his good name needs clearing. Some more cynical, like myself, could be forgiven if utu was a better defined motive.
Mr Williams, a friend of Mr Glenn, has also denied brokering the deal and Miss Clark reiterated that yesterday. "I have constantly had that assurance from Mr Williams."

She will need more than, as used previously in nuke visits, 'our policy is not to ask', when Mr Glenn tells a few home-truths, with evidence and the whole saga unravels at the seams.

Would that the be same assurances that Taito gave that he was only guilty of helping and that Winston has been constantly asked of about his knowledge of the Spencer Trust?

Yes, indeed. Assurances worth every penny.

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Inventory2 said...

One hint from Glenn that Williams was the bagman, and Clark will drop him like a hot potato.

She has made using and dumping an art form.