Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our very own 9/11 in the making

Today is only Wednesday, already this week of politics in New Zealand has dragged on forever, as if in some drawn out horror flick.

Another chapter is playing out in the Parliament this very minute as the ETS is rushed for a final reading. Then a short break for dinner and onto the main entertainment in this episode, Winston's right of reply. Pity I am working this evening. Much entertainment for a mid-week evening.

When the nation wakes tomorrow on Thursday, the Fourth Liarbour government will have started to unravel. Winston will have been lanced, Irish Bill aka Mike 'The Bagman' Williams will be articulating for new employment and the ETS will be heading to the printers. And her indoors will be furiously trying to clean off large spatter marks from the tarred brush.

Delicious irony, on this day, so infamous for other nefarious deeds.

Our very own 9/11 orchestrated by our deeply corrupt government exposed for all the world to view. Never to be forgotten.

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