Friday, September 05, 2008

Polls scaring this horse

Just what the hell is National doing?

Scaring the hell out of this horse.
This indicates a lack of trust within National's inner circle.

Leaks continue to well up in their boat, how do outsiders get near or hold of such info? Mind you, Maurice shooting his mouth off doesn't help. Parting shot from Brian O'C? Who needs enemies?

Every drop in the polls is what you have reaped. Time to stop being Liarbour-Lite and start making a difference.

Liarbour has not released one iota of policy, yet seems to be cruising to victory. Nats are certainly not going the right way about becoming the next government.

Starting points for difference are - work for the dole, end maorimander, ditch Maori seats, toll the roads, tax cuts, take a razor to the bureaucracy in both central and local government.

Put a stake in the ground and do it soon. The alternative is horrendous - massive government in your face on all levels, all sorts of bludgers with their hands out for a cut of the taxpaying cake which will diminish at an even higher rate as the taxpayers vacate Godzone for another country that actually seems to favour workers.

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KG said...

Absolutely! The me-toosim is getting tedious and looks dishonest as well.
Don Brash's Orewa speech electrified people in the same way Palin's speech did--because it was about principles.
Get a pair, Key and articulate some principles while you're at it.
The 30% who are beneficiaries of one sort or another (including govt. employees) are never going to vote for you anyway. Give the rest something to vote for fer chrissakes!