Thursday, September 11, 2008

Smoking mirrors

From Bill Ralston this morning (in part)

The Privileges Committee does not have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Peters solicited and knew of the donation. It merely has to decide, on the balance of probability, he did know.

helen clarkLast night’s appearance before the committee confirmed Peters’ strategy will be to deny all, smear anyone who testifies against him, and attack his detractors for being part of a conspiracy by big business and the “media elite” to destroy him and so allow National to govern alone.

He will not go quietly into that good night and the Prime Minister is caught between a rock and hard place.

If she sacks Peters, NZ First will go feral and God knows what Peters may use to attack Labour.

If she does not sack him the government will continue to be tarnished by association with him.

Clark and her advisors will be closely monitoring Labour’s daily polling to assess the damage this affair is having.

My guess is within the next forty eight hours she will see it has had a bad impact in public confidence in Labour and, now that the ETS has gone through, she will take the chance of incurring the wrath of Winston and demand his resignation as a minister of the Crown. That move will be quickly followed by the announcement of an election date, probably November 8th.

The media, including me, will go into a frenzy for a few more days after that and then settle down to the more mundane coverage of a seven week election campaign.

Bring it on, I want to see Winnie go feral for the sheer entertainment value.

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