Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Gambler

Queen Bee looks at a particular side trip to Vegas. In part,
And no one did any gambling we suppose?

Has anyone been gambling out there? It is interesting what happens. You pay your money and get given chips belonging to the casino. Then when you have finished gambling you get given real money back for the chips you return, but it is of course different money to that which you paid in.

And of course, while at the Casino you can win lots of money. And there are no receipts for the win. Politicians and business people in the states have been known to be really lucky. They have been known to go into a casino and come out with very large sums of money which they claim, if asked, they have won. And of course, because they have won it, they don't need to declare it as a donation. Fortunately, that is the States and this is New Zealand. We are sure nothing like that would happen to our political and business leaders.

Very interesting. I too wonder if was there a positive transfer of funds?

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