Saturday, September 27, 2008

Government agency knew of gas change at another coolstore

No wonder this has been kept quiet. In it up to their necks and told no-one.
The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (ECCA), which promotes sustainable energy, paid Icepak 85 per cent of a $60,800 grant to test propane at its Waharoa plant.

EECA has known about the change in the gas at another coolstore because they were conducting a funded trial on the new gas. But they told no-one like the Regional Council or the Fire Service. Unknown to them Icepak had been using the gas at the fatal Tamahere store since 2003.

Now watch as all the blame and liability is shifted. The government agencies involved will get slapped with wet bus tickets, impose more bureaucracy and Icepak will wear full liability.

Surely there have been the mandatory annual council / insurance fire-safety inspections since 2003? If not, what has the council been up to?

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