Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Peters to get DCM

It is stating the obvious to say Winston Peters should have resigned as a minister some time ago. And that he should go now, after the censure delivered by Parliament's privileges committee.

The guts of the matter is
There is no compelling argument to deflect from the significance of the censuring of Mr Peters for filing a false return to Parliament, in which he did not declare a $100,000 donation

There were those who saw it differently and brought their bias to the Privileges Committee, although they would have us believe otherwise.
The Prime Minister sought to construct one by calling the committee "tainted" and suggesting most of its members were politically motivated. The criticism was tawdry.

Congratulations to the minor parties for standing tall and united in their convincing views aligned with the majority. Theirs was not an axe to grind but on the evidence presented a censure and contempt was warranted.
Yet the only consistent theme to the NZ First leader's version of events was bluster and inconsistency, none more so than his reaction to the committee's draft report.

The actions of Labour and NZ First post yesterday's vote is something else to see. Unbelievable hypocrisy. Along with Anderton's abstaining from the final vote in Parliament.
Mr Anderton, explaining his decision to abstain from yesterday's vote in Parliament, noted that NZ First had been accepting donations while attacking other parties for taking money from big business.

"For that, the party has some explaining to do to the voting public," he said. Mr Peters now has the time to do just that. He will not because he cannot. Nor will he sign a letter of resignation. Voters will have to do that for him.

Yes, although a gentleman would have resigned a long time ago, the senior politician that is WRP will never back down.

Voters will have to deliver the unrepentant Winston a DCM on Nov 8th. I can only hope the same applies to the Labour for their complicit biased involvement in these matters.

from the Herald Editorial


Inventory2 said...

Excellent post PM - I have suggested this morning that the Court of Public Opinion can suspend Peters and NZ First for at least three years as punishment.

PM of NZ said...

Thank you.

Forever would be a better option.

I am so over the lying, corrupt, power crazed politicians who infest our Parliament.