Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recruit Stables: You are a loser!

Half-pie watching Shock Treatment on TV2. Just seen shock jock Stables quit in less than 24 hours at a Jamaican Defence Force boot camp on a TVNZ reality show. Wouldn't even get his hair cut. Prepared to let his fellow recruits suffer because of his lack of courage.

No personal fortitude or ability to withstand discipline. What a loser. He displays all that is wrong with the woofters we call men these days.

The sidekick Candy Lane seems to doing better. Stables, fancy letting a female beat you and take the easy way out by quitting.
What a sad example for a NZ male.

Yes, John Boy's boot camp is definitely required to put some spine and discipline to the NZ jellyfish. Maybe a legend in his own lunchtime, certainly not in my view.

Harden up.

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